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Safe Harbor

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Safe Harbor

After returning to our little home from San Juan Island, and a well deserved nights rest we booked a place on the ferry from Whidbey island to Port Townsend on the Olympic peninsula.

From Port Townsend we traveled inland to Port Angeles, when we got there it was raining off and on, and the sky was heavily overcast. After spending some time at the coast there whishing the skies would clear just a little to add some color to the dark gray clouds. After watching the antics of a little raccoon that was begging food from the others parked there, then looking at a couple of little shops we left Port Angeles, and headed into the Olympic national park, the route we took went up the hill to Hurricane ridge, but that is a story for another day.

After our trip up the mountain it was time to head back to Port Townsend and the ferry back to Whidbey island. As we pulled into Port Townsend we took a wrong turn which took us down the main road into the city, happily we found a bunch of historic, and interesting buildings there, if you get a chance you need to just take a moment to drive through the city, and look at the history of this port town. Unfortunately because of the weather we didn't really take the time to do any shopping there.

As evening came to Port Townsend the storm began to break up, the skies started to clear, and the winds calmed. The fishing, and leisure boats had been moored safely behind the breakwater in the bay at Point Hudson waiting out the bad weather.

As the cool of the evening breeze flushed our faces we walked down the wooden docs reading the names on the various boats that were moored there, and listening to the hustle and bustle that was taking place at the restaurant that sits across the way.

The storm clouds, and breaking light gave way to a beautiful rainbow. The red, and pink of the setting sun highlighted the dark clouds that hung low over the Pacific Ocean, reflecting on the calm waters of the bay.

As the rainbow began to fade into the night it's rich colors of red yellow and blue blended with the colors that were cast on the clouds from the setting sun. I sat up my tripod, and secured the camera, then began photographing the changing light, what a beautiful evening end to a wonderful day of exploring.

The beauty of this wonderful world never cease to amaze.