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Sunset at Penn Cove

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Sunset at Penn Cove

Sunset at Penn Cove

As we took the ferry from Mukilteo on Washington's mainland to Whidbey Island it was kind of exciting, I had never ridden on a ferry. If you have never ridden on a ferry it is a different experience, they are big...BIG...floating parking lots,

You pay the toll, they tell you where to park in the staging area, then when they are ready for you to board you drive your car onto the ferry, and they tell you where to park. Once on the ferry you can, if you want, get out of the car and move about the different decks. On the main passenger deck on the larger ferries they have a galley, and serve sandwiches, and drinks, they have booths just like in your favorite fast food place, and auditorium type seating if you don't want to sit at a booth. You can even go out on the deck to watch the waves go by, pretty cool!!

Once at Whidbey Island we drove off of the ferry and began to explore what would be our home for the next week, it is a beautiful place. We stayed in a little home in Coupeville, settled by Capt, Thomas Coupe. It is a small town nestled on the shore of Penn Cove, apparently Penn Cove was name after a "friend" of Capt. George Vancouver, but I have no idea who that friend was.

Up in this area of Washington it seams the popular stores are "Red Apple" stores, they reminded me of small country markets, very pleasant, with great fresh produce. That's where I found out about Johnson's Smokehouse's "Lil' Ronis" if you ever get a chance, and if you like hard pepperoni, you NEED to try those, what a treat, but I will warn you they are me!

While we were in Coupeville one of the places we had an opportunity to visit was the "Capt. Thomas Coupe park", which is a small parking lot with a boat dock on the southern shore of Penn Cove. When we got there the wind was blowing, it was cold, and the sun was setting, what more could you ask for. There where even some boats moored in the cove, resting for the night. I set up my camera on the tripod, always use a tripod! Because of the wind I hung a bag from the bottom of the tripod center stock that I had put two large rocks in to give it more ballast, and help stabilize the tripod, and camera.

As the sun sets behind the last lingering clouds of the day, the sky turns from blue to gold, the sun casts its warm evening rays over the waters. Boats rest in the cove gently rocked by the low waves, and the wind that is blowing. The waves lap at the rocky shore at my feet as I shelter my face from the cold. I take several images, bracketing my shots to make sure I get the correct exposure. I wait until the last rays of the setting sun are gone, just to make sure I see all of the beauty that is unfolding as the evening turns into night.

That evening standing in the cold, and the wind was beautiful, mother nature always shows her best side it seams, even when we think she is being fickle she is beautiful!!