TL Mair


Midway, Utah U.S.A.


Hello my name is Terry Mair.
I live in Midway, Utah.

Fine art photography is my life’s work. I love finding things throughout this vast world that we live in, from landscapes to wildlife, architecture to still life, the world offers so much for us to visually enjoy and gives us one small chance to become part of this immense creation.

As you look through my galleries you will find images of sunrises and sunsets, mountains ranges and lone mountains, everything from panoramic landscapes to intimate wildlife portraits.

You will find images from Utah’s national parks and forests, Washington’s beaches and harbors, to Wyoming’s farmlands. You will see pelicans in flight, swans soaring in unison, and goslings taking their first look at the world.

Living in Utah, I am able to photograph things from high mountains, to deep canyons, and the beautiful rock formations of Bryce and Zion National Parks.

Our Creator reveals himself to us in many ways; one of the ways he does this is through the beauty of his handiwork that surrounds us.

It is an amazing world we live in, take time to embrace and enjoy it!!

I stand in awe each time I see a sunrise or a sunset, ducks in the air or swans on the water, and all of the other beauties we see each day, each one perfect in it's own way; it humbles me to be allowed to capture these moments and present them here.

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much I do photographing them.
Thank you for your time.
T. L. Mair


Celestial Reflections by TL Mair


Sitting Duck Hunting Lodge by TL Mair


The Lookout by TL Mair


Teton Peak From Signal Mountain by TL Mair


Sunset over West Temple by TL Mair


Heber Valley Sunrise by TL Mair


Strawberry Valley Sunset by TL Mair


Pelican Lake First Light by TL Mair


Taking a Break by TL Mair


The First Day by TL Mair


Horses Grazing beneath Grand Teton Peak by TL Mair


Buffalo Under the Tetons by TL Mair


Winter Farm by TL Mair


Jewel of the Wasatch by TL Mair


All Lined Up by TL Mair


Shafer Trail Vertical by TL Mair


Boat Mesa First Light by TL Mair


The Three Tetons by TL Mair


Texas Longhorns by TL Mair


Durango and Silverton #2 by TL Mair


Durango and Silverton #1 by TL Mair


Raven's Rock by TL Mair


Agathla Peak by TL Mair


Shafer Trail Horizontal by TL Mair


Uinta Sunset #2 by TL Mair


Bryce Canyon Winter by TL Mair


Connected by TL Mair


On the Range by TL Mair


Autumn Quakies Impressionistic by TL Mair


Idaho Falls LDS Temple #1 by TL Mair


Pine Canyon Autumn Impressionistic by TL Mair


The Heber Creeper by TL Mair


Autumn in the Wasatch Abstract by TL Mair


Idaho Falls LDS Temple #2 by TL Mair


Upper Provo River by TL Mair


Young Giraffe by TL Mair


Christmas at the Montage #3 by TL Mair


The Forest Primeval by TL Mair


Salt Lake City Utah Nightscape by TL Mair


Cunningham Cabin by TL Mair


Sleeping Giant by TL Mair


Christmas at the Montage #2 by TL Mair


O'l Shag by TL Mair


Provo River falls #1 by TL Mair


Provo River Falls #4 by TL Mair


Christmas at the Montage by TL Mair


Provo Autumn #2 by TL Mair


Mary D. Hume #2 by TL Mair